Nealfire Appreciation Post - Broken

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My sister’s all on Facebook posting TBT pics…


and that gets me started looking for some of my old pics. Then I find my yearbooks and I am all like “Oh, hey, Jason Momoa as a freshman, aka Kahl Drogo. That’s cool. I’ve seen your ass now multiple times on TV.”


You know, normal stuff.

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I got snappy with Rainbow while I was hanging upside down. I got cut off a few times. I said “look you idiot, stop cutting me off, I’m hanging upside down” or whatever. I did my usual little hissy fit, and then that was the first meeting Jason had with me, so he was like ‘I’m not messing with him’. I always thought that was funny that someone like Jason would be scared of someone like me, that’s how much of a bitch I can be.
— David Hewlett: meeting Jason Momoa
Commentary on Stargate Atlantis S2E03 Runner
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